US Entry Waiver Cost

US waivers allow Canadians with a criminal record that would otherwise make them inadmissible to gain entry into the United States. Applying for a waiver requires you to get fingerprinted, request a criminal record search, collect court documents related to your record, complete and submit the US entry waiver form, and then wait for the result. All of these steps require you to pay a nonrefundable fee.

Here are the typical steps and associated costs:

  • Record Search: This is necessary to determine whether you are admissible to the US. Individuals who are legally admissible don’t need a waiver to cross the border. This process lasts a couple of days, and costs $50 to $75.
  • Fingerprinting: This is necessary to obtain a copy of your certified criminal record from the RCMP. The process can also be used to confirm the absence of a criminal record for your peace of mind. The process typically takes place in a local police station, requires between 3 and 120 days, and may cost anywhere from $30 to $125.
  • Obtain Court Records: After receiving the RCMP report, we will order certified court documents for all the charges on your record. The criminal record lists all convictions, dates, and court locations where the documents can be retrieved. This process may take anywhere from 14 to 90 days, at a cost of $40 to $100.
  • Obtain and Submit the Waiver Application Form: The waiver application process takes 30 to 150 days or more, at a cost of $585 per application, irrespective of whether or not you are successful. Payments should only be made with a certified check in US funds drawn on a US bank for the total application fee. The check should be made payable to US Customs and Border Protection.
We can apply on your behalf

Pardon Pros can complete all the necessary steps and procedures to expedite the application process on your behalf. If successful, we will continue to monitor the status of your waiver to initiate the renew process before it expires.

At Pardon Professionals, our founders have lived through the process of obtaining a record suspension and know how daunting and stressful this process can be. We provide professional, efficient, trusted and expert service without judgment so that you can obtain a waiver or pardon as quickly as possible. We set your mind at ease with customer-centric service and easy-to-understand, direct information at your fingertips. Begin the process of clearing your record today with our help.

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