Financial Assistance

We recognize that many people with criminal records have difficulty finding employment. In some cases, this means that they cannot raise the funds needed to pay for the costs associated with the preparation and submission of a pardon application.

Pardon Pros Canada offers financial assistance to people who demonstrate financial need. This financial assistance is offered through our partner company, Pawn Kings, and the client must observe all contractual obligations that Pawn Kings set out in the Sales/Pawn Agreement.

Essentially, your eligibility for financial assistance for your record suspension application via Pawn Kings is based on:

  • The value of your assets and savings
  • Your annual income in the most recent taxation year

If you qualify for financial assistance, the monies awarded will be sent first to Pardon Pros to offset the full cost of service, and then you get the balance. Any monies paid to Pardon Pros will have no interest accrued. All money loaned to the client above and beyond the monies sent to Pardon Pros is subject to costs as set out by Pawn Kings.

Get your Record Suspension without Delay

Besides lack of funds, there are several other reasons why some people delay applying for a record suspension, including:

  • The misconception that there is no criminal record if they were not convicted. Note that even if your charges were dropped, stayed, or dealt with in a conditional or absolute discharge, a police file containing your photo, fingerprints, and local police records will be added to the CPIC database.
  • The misconception that their criminal records will be expunged if they wait long enough. A criminal record will stay with you all your life. A record suspension helps to conceal it so it doesn’t show up during standard screens, but it is still there.
  • The misconception that they will automatically get a pardon when they want it. Approval rates for Canadian pardons are never 100 percent. In 2015/16, 28 percent of pardon applications were denied for different reasons.

The existence of a criminal record, no matter how long ago the offence was committed, makes you vulnerable in nearly all your dealings with the legal system, landlords, employers, charities dealing with vulnerable people (children, the elderly, or the disabled), and even other countries, as you may be denied a visa. A record suspension will ensure that these entities don’t treat you differently or harass you unnecessarily.

Applying for Financial Assistance

If you want financial assistance for your record suspension application via Pardon Pros, you should get in touch with our offices in your area or via our website to find out the requirements. You are typically required to provide documentary evidence of income, savings, and assets.

Please note that our officers will help to determine your eligibility for financial assistance in a confidential manner. By submitting your application, you will also be authorizing our officers to verify the personal and financial information provided through financial institutions, government agencies, current and previous employers, and any other entities, as need be.