DUI Record Suspension

Driving under the influence (DUI), also known as DWI (driving while intoxicated or impaired) is one of the most common criminal charges in the country. While seemingly a small offence, a DUI conviction shows up in searches of both the national CPIC database and local police databases upon request for employment, volunteering, school, travel, or other purposes. This means that a DUI can limit your ability to cross the border freely, apply for jobs in certain positions, volunteer for community projects, and other privileges that people often take for granted.

What It Means to Clear a DUI Record

The best way to prevent your DUI conviction from showing up on police background checks is by applying for and successfully getting a record suspension in Canada. It is both necessary and simple to apply and receive a pardon for a DUI.
Unlike some other offences, DUI offenders don’t have the option of a conditional or absolute discharge. Even if you’re not convicted for DUI, the impaired driving charge can still affect you – which is why it’s essential to begin the process of clearing your record.
If you’re not convicted for your DUI charge, or you get pardoned eventually, the charge ceases to appear on a standard background check.

Get a DUI Off Your Record

The type of application required depends on the laws of your jurisdiction. There are several factors that affect your ability to qualify for a DUI pardon, including:

  • Whether your case involved an indictable conviction or summary
  • Whether you can prove to the Parole Board of Canada that you’ve been rehabilitated
  • Whether you have paid all associated fines

Working with the right team, you can receive a pardon for your DUI and prove that you’re unlikely to repeat this offence.

Why Pursue a DUI Pardon?

A DUI charge will stay with you forever, and may affect your interactions with landlords, employers, finance companies, business partners, and other entities. Even if your conviction was decades ago, it will still show up in a background search. But the process of obtaining a pardon for this conviction is not complicated – and you’ll be able to restore the rights and privileges that were taken away from you following your criminal conviction.

Your Next Step

Please contact Pardon Pros for an assessment of your case and to start the process of removing your criminal conviction for driving while impaired in Canada.


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At Pardon Professionals, our founders have lived through the process of obtaining a record suspension and know how daunting and stressful this process can be. We provide professional, efficient, trusted and expert service without judgment so that you can obtain a waiver or pardon as quickly as possible. We set your mind at ease with customer-centric service and easy-to-understand, direct information at your fingertips. Begin the process of clearing your record today with our help.

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