Having a criminal record can make your life very challenging.

It can become nearly impossible to get a nice job that pays more than the minimum wage, throwing your finances off. But more importantly, it can make planning for your future frustrating and seemingly hopeless. Everyone, from your landlord, to your potential employer, to your potential business partner will look into your background and bring up the topic of your criminal record. You can’t even cross the border without raising a red flag.

Your past mistakes are a personal matter that should stay in the past, rather than interfering with your current and future pursuits and relationships. A criminal record can prevent you from doing volunteer work, working in certain occupations, attending some schools, getting certifications, and many other things that people take for granted.

Here are some reasons why you shouldn’t delay getting a record suspension:

  • Wider Range of Jobs and Careers: We erase criminal records, so you can get a better job. With an increasingly competitive job market, it is best to remove any potential obstacles. Many companies perform background checks before hiring new employees, and before promoting their current staff. Even businesses dealing with projects and subcontracting work screen their partners to avoid any surprises. If your criminal record shows up in a search, it can be difficult to get a security clearance or bond.
  • No Travel and Immigration Problems: We restore the rights and privileges of ordinary citizens, so you can exit the country to go for a vacation or a business trip. A criminal record makes crossing borders and obtaining Canadian citizenship or permanent resident status more difficult or impossible.
  • Enjoy the Privileges of Canadian Citizenship: We erase criminal records, so you can get your Canadian Citizenship. A record suspension eliminates disqualifications caused by a criminal conviction, for things such as eligibility for Canadian citizenship, participation in charities as a volunteer, or the ability to contract and do business with the federal government.
  • Enhance the Enjoyment of Your Family Life: A criminal record could be used against you in cases involving child custody, and make it unlikely for you to qualify to adopt a child if you ever want to. We erase criminal records so you can spend more time with your kids after a divorce.
  • Live Anywhere You Want: We erase criminal records, so u can rent, lease, or mortgage the home you want.

A pardon or record suspension allows you to turn over a new leaf and enjoy all the rights and privileges of a citizen with no criminal record. For many of our clients, getting a record suspension relieves them from the burden of fear and shame.

If you think that a record suspension could make your life significantly better, contact Pardon Pros right away. We have a highly skilled team that has helped many people successfully manoeuvre through the process of applying for a record suspension. We are your best chance of regaining your privileges as a Canadian citizen through a record suspension.

At Pardon Professionals, our founders have lived through the process of obtaining a record suspension and know how daunting and stressful this process can be. We provide professional, efficient, trusted and expert service without judgment so that you can obtain a waiver or pardon as quickly as possible. We set your mind at ease with customer-centric service and easy-to-understand, direct information at your fingertips. Begin the process of clearing your record today with our help.

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